My name is Michelle Jones and I’m a married mother of three who has lived in Hall County, and the Flowery Branch area since March 2013. As a mother, wife, Christian, and community leader, I’m keenly aware of the issues facing Hall County, especially for hard working families, and I’m committed to putting Hall County first in the legislature. I will be a state legislator who gets results, is accessible to you, and works tirelessly on your behalf.

As a community leader I’ve worked with and organized others to come together on behalf of hard working families looking to have a voice in their community, and their government. It’s time that our North Georgia values have a powerful voice in the legislature, and Hall county families had a place at the table, rather than the special interests.

I hail from a working class North Georgia family, and North Georgia values are deeply embedded in my life. From my own experiences, and listening to my neighbors in Hall County, I’ve come to realize the Georgia legislature needs effective, bold leadership, on issues like  protecting quality of life, investing in the future, and our economy, helping small businesses, making college affordable, expanding access to quality healthcare, creating good jobs, and ensuring a world class education for all students.

I was once a single mother, until I met my wonderful husband and got married two years ago. This experience, along with others in my life, gave me a unique understanding of the difficulties that many Hall county families face. I recognize the perseverance and sacrifice that many Hall County families make and as a state legislator will ensure that government is working for them, so that we can protect our quality of life here in Hall county, and build a brighter future.


My family

My husband runs our family business, Schools, Tools, & Office Pros here in Hall County, and our family has seen first hand through our family business, the negative impact that a dysfunctional legislature, and an inadequate state representative can have on families and small businesses. We also understand the meaning of hard work. I will apply the lessons I’ve learned from our family business to ensure responsible budgeting, and keep taxes low for Hall County families. I also believe in local control of our tax dollars, and our government.

I look forward to hearing more from you across the district about your issues, your struggles, and the things that matter to you as I embark on this campaign. This effort is about making a better future for our children, and fight for the diverse people of our great county as their voice in the Georgia legislature.

13838398_1274531932565142_960579077_oPlease feel free to look at my issues page or get in touch with me on social media if you have specific questions, or would like to know more about my background and vision for Hall County and HD-30.